Namaskar Scarves & Kimonos


What makes us special?

Because we design with passion and creativity and we truly start fresh for every new season to offer our women a unique fashion-forward accessory to wear or gift.
Attention to detail, some of our scarves are redesigned up to five times to get the perfect color and design balance. Daily communication from Melbourne to Delhi maintains our high standards in design and production.
Our hand-finished scarves are printed and stitched by a dedicated team of skilled tailors to maintain consistent quality.
Digital printing allows for the most photographic finish with clear color reproduction and clarity that you will see the brush strokes from the original artwork.

Why choose "Wearable Art" designer scarves?

Because they are no ordinary scarves. The use of original art and pantone colours combine to deliver extraordinary patterns and vibrant colours so you can be assured of that you see online will be even more beautiful in real life.


Modern, classic or vintage? What event or occasion are you dressing for? lunching with friends, going to a party, a first date or wanting to give your work wear some professional pizzazz? Weddings are a special occasion where you will want to seek out a beautiful scarf.
We design scarves for every occasion

Wearable Art Fashion designer scarves

Wearable Art Fashion Scarves are the perfect way to express your style .

Architectural -Doors of the world

What’s behind that doors?
In architecture the front door plays a major importance to a building and every culture has designed unique doors with many featuring stunning hard carving and intricate details and thanks to our digital printing all the lovely detail is highlighted on to the fabrics.
Ancient details are captured and become wearable art, wrap yourself in dynamic architectural style and remind yourself of past or future travel destinations. Wearing one of our best selling red door scarves will be an instant style statement.

Abstract Art

Fashion + Art = wearable art wear your scarves as beautiful unique “walking pieces of art” each design starts from an abstract original painting, drawing or photograph then a design collage created becomes a beautiful digital print and the ultimate fashion accessory.


Geometric prints give symmetry and definition we make our prints more interesting because we love using water colours and cloudy effect to soften the straight lines..Spotty dots, stripes and squares Moroccan tiles are one our favourites.

Australian Coastal

Relaxed, stylish, soft washed out colours contemporary themes of coral reefs, sandy beaches and big blue skies


Feminine and delightful floral prints are a beautiful accent to accessorise your outfit, florals are so flexible you can team them back with plain, stripes, checks fashion garments. Every woman loves flowers!!.
Our divine “Red Rose” scarf looks stunning with a little black dress and will become your statement “go to” piece.
We love using floral designs and our digital printing gives us clarity and we design with natural & abstract concepts of colour and proportion big bold and dynamic or small prints to be soft & subtle to achieve just the right balance.
Select your favourite…bold & dramatic or sweet & subtle we have a floral for any mood & style. Floral print scarves also make the perfect gift for the most special woman in your life.


Timeless, Chic and just super stylish, always on trend animal prints re-invented wear Animal print scarves for day or night, they look fabulous with your evening wear or paired with casual jeans and jackets, experiment wearing your animal print scarf with bold block colours and metallic accessories. Talk a walk on the wild side add a touch of glamour to your style statement.

Industrial & Urban art

Playful, modern, vintage with a unique art story to be told, street art .