About Fredloves Jewellery

May I be mindful. 
May I be grateful. 
May I be positive. 
May I be true. 
May I be loving. 
May I be present in all that I do...






Travel and Living Collection is the Australian wholesale distributor and retailer of the gorgeous bespoke Fredloves jewellery designed by "Fred" also known as Ann-Sofie Lakso of Sweden.

The jewellery is designed with reflective thought encompassing mindfulness and love, a moment of peace on the shore of quiet. Being true to oneself combined with a deep interest in philosophy, meditation, communication and spirituality is reflected and is an important part of everything she does. You can see it in her art, photographs, designs and in her writing / in what she writes about. 

Fred's has always had an interest in the inner journey, the introspection into human behaviour. She educated herself as a therapist, something she started and continued for several years in the United States. 

"My nickname Fred came to me in 1989 in the US, it stuck and it has become one of my names. I have always thought that Fred translated into English meant Peace. The name Fredloves came to me once I sat and meditated. I thought about what the summary name of this project / my fire should be, then I sat quietly and Fredloves came up, it felt good and it had to be."

"Looking for the answer to how we become happy, beyond ourselves, I think is the greatest illusion of all."